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Our Royal Clean deep cleaning services go further to get rid of dirt, scum, soap and germs around your home. We're the masters of whole home cleaning at Kingdom Cleaners. No matter what room needs a deep cleaning, our Royal Clean will cover it all. Call us at 757-256-4742 to schedule deep cleaning services in Williamsburg or York County, VA. You'll receive a free estimate before we begin.

What is included in our Royal Clean package?

Our Royal Clean is the queen bee of all cleaning services we offer. When you choose a Royal Clean with Kingdom Cleaners, you'll receive:

✓ Whole-home cleaning: We'll clean every room in your home to perfection.

✓ Interior window cleaning: We'll make sure your windows and blinds are sparkly clean.

✓ Deep kitchen cleaning: We'll deep clean your fridge, oven, stovetop, counters, microwave, freezer, counters and backsplash.

✓ Deep bedroom cleaning: We'll wash your bedding, make your bed, clean out closets, dust your end tables and wash your curtains.

✓ Deep living room cleaning: We'll clean your electronics, disinfect remotes, vacuum couches and shampoo carpets.

We'll also replace your filters, wipe down blinds, clean ceiling fans and much more. Hire our team for your top-notch deep cleaning services today.

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